Credit Score: How To Dispute Information

By | July 7, 2014

Many of us today have never seen a copy of our credit reports. This is a mistake and it could be a costly one. Those that get their reports quite often find that there are errors on the pages. These errors can lower your scores if they are negative entries such as late or missed payments. You have one of two options. You can get angry and do nothing or you can get angry and take action. The law is on your side in this instance and mistakes to credit reports must be rectified. Unfortunately it does take time and possibly several layers of beuracracy to get it straightened out.

The first thing you need to do is copy your report and identify all of the errors that you believe exist. You then need to send it to the credit reporting agency that generated this report. You need to explain each dispute and ask that it be corrected. It will help greatly if you have your receipts, statements or any other supporting paper work that proves what you are saying. Always make copies, never send your originals.

When you send everything off it is highly recommended you do it by certified mail. Ask for return receipt. That way their side cannot say the package never arrived. You would be surprised how many of these packages go missing so to speak.

You should also send a letter to the creditor that the mistake involves. That way they will know what you are doing. They may also be able to supply you with the evidence you need such as proof of on time payment.

Once this is complete, the credit reporting agency has to initiate an investigation. They will write to your creditors to see if their information is correct. If your creditors cannot verify this then it legally must be removed from your credit report. Once the investigation is complete you are entitled to a copy of your new report. You amended credit report can also be sent to anyone who previously requested a copy.

Error happen on credit reports much more often than people think. By requesting a copy of your report and disputing any mistakes, you can raise your scores and possibly get the financing you need.

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