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Credit Score: Rebuilding Your Score After Bankruptcy

Our credit scores seem to make or break our financial futures these days. A good credit score means smooth sailing as far as financing and loans are concerned. A bad credit score can put serious road blocks in your way. Bankruptcy is about the worst thing that can happen to your credit score. The process is lengthy, stressful and quite often people end up with the bare basics. Life does… Read More »

Credit Score: Can I Buy A House With A Bad Score?

We hear nearly everyday how important it is to maintain a good credit score. High credit scores can mean good financing terms where as low credit scores can mean high interest rates or no financing at all. When we leave school, most of us rent our first homes. From there we hope to buy a home of our own. In this article we will look at how people can still… Read More »

Credit Score: How To Dispute Information

Many of us today have never seen a copy of our credit reports. This is a mistake and it could be a costly one. Those that get their reports quite often find that there are errors on the pages. These errors can lower your scores if they are negative entries such as late or missed payments. You have one of two options. You can get angry and do nothing or… Read More »

Credit Score: Types and Length of Credit

Our credit scores play an important part in our financial futures. Credit scores determine if we get the financing we need as well as at what cost that financing will be to us. Credit scores also help to determine out insurance premiums and can even affect our chances of getting certain types of employment. It is important to maintain a good credit score, but if yours is low there is… Read More »

Credit Score: Keeping Debt To A Minimum Can Help

Today we are more dependent on our credit scores than we realize. This magic number quite often is the deciding factor in if we can buy a house, car or get that all important student loan. The higher the credit score the better off your are financially in terms of getting loans. Those with low scores may still get financing but they will be forced to pay much higher rates… Read More »

Credit Score: How To Improve It

Lending someone money always involves a risk. If a friend asked you for money you would likely say yes or no based on the likelihood of ever getting the money back. Financial institutions work in much the same way. They look at someone’s income and credit score to help determine the risk factor. We all have times in our lives when things don’t go as planned. We can loose our… Read More »

Credit Score: Length of Credit and New Accounts Can Influence It

In today’s world, it is tough to survive without credit. Essential purchases such as houses and cars are quite difficult to obtain without some financial assistance. A poor credit history can hurt one’s chances of getting these items. Many are under the impression that paying your bills on time is all that you need to worry about when it comes to your credit score. This is vitally important however; there… Read More »

Credit Score: The Amount You Owe Can Influence It

If you have ever applied for credit in any shape or form, or any find of deferred payment plan, the phrase credit score has probably entered your vocabulary. Credit scored help determine first of all if we obtain credit and second of all the price we will pay for that credit. Credit scores can also influence other areas such as insurance rates and even employment. For these reasons it is… Read More »

Credit Score: What Influences It

Nearly all of us have heard the term credit score. This magical number that seems to hold control over most of our financial decisions. The credit score will decide whether or not you get financing on a home, car or other types of loans. They influence the amount of interest paid and even insurance rates. Some are even claiming that those with low credit scores can have difficulty finding employment… Read More »

Credit Score: Why It’s Important

Anytime we are in a bank or see something even remotely finance related, we here the common phrase of credit score. Anytime we see a credit card application or open a bank account, somewhere on this bit of paper will be those two little words. Most of us can likely make a fairly educated guess as to what the credit score is. However, many of us are unaware of the… Read More »