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Credit Card Insurance: How To Find Legitimate Offers

With so many different offers being put to cardholders, and with many of these from telemarketers rather than the card issuer, it’s difficult for a cardholder to know what is a legitimate offer and what constitutes someone trying to obtain access to your information when information is processed over the telephone. The major key to knowing what constitutes a legitimate offer is that the caller will have no need to… Read More »

Credit Card Insurance: How Much Is Too Much?

With all of the different offers that credit card issuers make to their cardholders, you would think they were holding stock in some of the insurance companies, and perhaps they are. Worse yet is the fact that if you decline one offer, a month or so later they are sending you another offer quite similar to the first. Not only that, even if you accept an offer, you still receive… Read More »

Credit Card Insurance: Travel Insurance

For many people the thought of travel insurance on a credit card is not a topic of consideration. After all, it’s not something everyone uses unless you do a frequent amount of traveling. On the other hand, if you do need it, your credit card issuer makes it easy to obtain. Certainly, you can purchase the insurance from your regular insurance carrier, but the question is whether you can pay… Read More »

Credit Card Insurance: Protect Your Purchases

One of the most frustrating things in life is to purchase an item, especially a big-ticket item, only to take it home and find out that it doesn’t work. The first though on your mind is that you will have to find with the merchant to either get your money back and a replacement. Even worse is the aggravation of having to pack it up and return it to the… Read More »

Credit Card Insurance: What If You Are Laid Off?

Many credit card issuers also offer protection for those who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. Like the disability and life insurance, credit card protection for unemployment is based upon a percentage of your unpaid balance. Whether this kind of insurance is important to you depends on many things. Certainly, if you are a business owner with a business that is doing well, you don’t have… Read More »

Credit Card Insurance: Who Really Benefits?

When you look at the fact that the payments go directly to the credit card issuer, it’s easy for a cardholder to say that the credit card issuer is the one who benefits, but that line of thinking is certainly unfounded. After all, the credit card issuer did not take the credit card and buy things with it, and as such, it has no personal attachment to the merchandise that… Read More »

Credit Card Insurance: How to Qualify and Apply

In most cases, the only qualifying factors are that you are a cardholder in good standing with no current medical conditions that might cause you to become ill or disabled. In most cases, preexisting conditions are not covered, so even if you take the insurance, and you become ill because of the condition, it will not be covered. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the insurance if, for example,… Read More »

Credit Card Insurance: Is It Overpriced?

The answer to the question of whether credit insurance is overpriced depends whether you are looking at it as a whole or whether you are looking at it in terms of what other credit card issuers are charging. Even if your credit card issuer charges more than that of another issuer, you have to look at the benefits that are part of the package before drawing any conclusions. For example,… Read More »

Credit Card Insurance: Choosing What Is Important

Everyone has been exposed to those monthly credit card statements that include a variety of inserts for many different offers. On top of that, the credit card issuer has a tendency to call frequently offering you some new insurance program that is “free” for the first thirty days, but you have to sign up right then. The difficult part is that there are so many different offers that they will… Read More »

Credit Card Insurance: Is It Worth It?

With interest rates being what they are today, and some credit cards charging higher rates than the average consumer wants to pay, it doesn’t always seem that adding something else to the bill is worthwhile. At the same time, a cardholder has to look at the potential for needing the insurance. This, of course, depends on the type of insurance that the card issuer offers. One of the things that… Read More »